Shooting Straight

Shooting Straight, Guns, Gays, God, and George Clooney by Piers Morgan published in 2013. This a quote by Diane Feinstein, US Senator, on assault weapons, after Sandy Hook.

“There is no Second Amendment right to bear every type of weapon you know of. These are a certain class of weapons. They are designed to kill large numbers of people in close combat. I don’t believe the Second Amendment covers them. The Second Amendment was written a long time before this class of weapons was founded, merchandised, and spread all over our country, where they fall into the hands of juveniles, grievance killers, people who go into our malls, our theaters, our stores, our businesses, and now our schools, and just kill people for no good reason. It’s got to stop. These children, this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. People have to respond. They have to understand that the rights of the many to remain safe are more important than any right you may think you have to have a military-style assault weapon.”

And the courts are starting to agree. Yesterday, the US Court of Appeals for the 4th District upheld a Maryland law banning assault style weapons.