Fascist coup

In 1934, the 1% of the day started the American Liberty League as a cover for their plot of a fascist coup here in America against by FDR and to be led by American hero and retired Marine Corps General Smedley Butler.

From the book The Plot to Seize the White House by Jules Archer.

“John L. Spivak had shrewd observations about the reasons the conspirators had failed dismally in their treason:

The takeover plot failed because though those involved had astonishing talents for making breathtaking millions of dollars, they lacked an elementary understanding of people and the moral forces that activate them. In a money-standard civilization such as ours, the universal regard for anyone who is rich tends to persuade some millionaires that they are knowledgeable in fields other than the making of money. The conspirators went about the plot as if they were hiring an office manager; all they needed was to send a message to the man they had selected.

And with incredible ineptitude, they had selected the wrong man.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Only today with Trump in the Oval office, the 1% are closer to success. The other difference is that the wealthy are 1000 times wealthier than in 1934.