Daffy definition:

Hindsight: a view of a rabbit or someone’s bottom.

Hindsight is really 20/20 vision of the past. Too bad the 20/20 vision is not available in the present where it would do some good. Spin This, All the Ways We Don’t Tell the Truth by Bill Press published in 2001. The book is a goldmine of political insights. Too bad they weren’t common knowledge at the time. For example: it was common knowledge that Cheney was the president and GW Bush was a figurehead. When Cheney entered the hospital for attention to his heart problems, it was said that Bush was only one heartbeat away from the presidency.

The book defines spin as half-truths, as opposed to lies which are totally untrue. Spin does no harm while lies are harmful. I disagree. Spin is actually and potentially harmful. Spin promotes lazy thinking and is hurtful to our democracy. However, the book is an excellent read.