Prison reform part 2

I oppose for-profit incarceration. It is especially profitable and prevalent in housing undocumented aliens. Our prisons are crowded with nonviolent drug offenders, the result of the failed war on drugs. Prevention and/or treatment is the better, less expensive way to treat drug use.

During the 2016 election, as many as 6 million former inmates were denied the right to vote. When their time has been served, former inmates should have their full citizenship, including voting rights, restored. In our democracy, people without the franchise are ignored. That could be used as an argument for allowing prisoners still serving time to vote.

Additionally, prisoners about to be released should be given training that will allow them to re-enter society as fully functioning members. Depending on the length of sentence, that training might include how to use a cell phone, ATMs, buying gasoline and self-checkout in grocery stores. We cannot expect successful reintegration into society by someone lacking the skills of daily life.


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