Our Revolution

Our Revolution, A Future to Believe In by Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders makes sense; why didn’t we listen? We didn’t listen because the corporate media devoted mostly all their coverage to the Republicans and Donald Trump. The corporate media will never promote the views of a progressive. We must spread the news ourselves.

“Let’s be clear: While Republicans and representatives of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries tell us that we have the ‘greatest’ health care system in the world, that is nonsense. Our current system is the most expensive, bureaucratic, wasteful, and ineffective in the world. While the health care industry makes hundreds of billions a year in profit, tens of millions of Americans have totally inadequate coverage, and many of our people suffer and die unnecessarily.

“The bottom line is that in the United States we spend an enormous amount of money for a health care system that performs poorly. It’s time for a change–a real change.”