MSNBC schedule

I would like to see MSNBC revise its evening schedule to pit either Rachel Maddow or Megyn Kelly against Bill O’Reilly. Either one would sink him in the ratings. Then I wish that Bryan Williams were scheduled against Sean Hannity. That would sink his boat. I would retain both Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell, but at different times. I would retire both Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell.


4 thoughts on “MSNBC schedule

  1. I ‘ve never liked Andrea Mitchell ( she smirks, like Ale Wagner ….. but of course that’s not the only reason why I despise Andrea Mitchell ), and Chris Matthews is such a ….. he should be let go already.

    • Andrea Mitchell has had her day. I want to listen to only reliable sources. I have my doubts about Greta and Megyn, but I am willing to give them a chance.

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