Falling behind

In 23 days, I will reach a milestone, February 12, 2017, blogging for ten years. Six months ago, I thought that I could reach 6,000 posts, 600/year average for ten years. However, Donald Trump left me with little to write about, no fixed policy positions and lies all the time. Saying that he is constantly lying becomes boring over time. Perhaps that is his strategy, but I doubt that he has a conscious strategy.

I am going to fall short by 60 to 70 posts and finish my ten-year effort with an average of 593 or 594/year. I am proud of my body of work. It takes much time and effort to research and then write the truth. I intend to keep posting to this blog as long as I am able and as long as freedom of expression continues to exist in America. Thanks for your support.


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