A lie is a lie

A lie is a lie even when labeling it as such risks offending Donald Trump and his supporters. The editor of the Wall Street Journal recently indicated that Trump’s lies won’t be called lies because a lie requires intent to deceive and Trump’s intent is not known. Bullshit. A lie is a lie is a lie.


6 thoughts on “A lie is a lie

  1. Did you watch the interview? Chuck Tood actually sat there – straight faced – and said you ‘can’t agree what facts are’.
    And the WSJ guy was just a joke.
    Making Donlad J. Trump’s lies normal……

      • And Chuck Todd commands 1 hour every Sunday when, perhpas out of habit more then need, people tune in to get their political fix.
        FOX so called news is not a reliable source but has the hightest ratings.
        It’s not enough to avoid liars. Confront them. Call them out. Humiliate them.

      • Trump has always wanted respect. He thought money would automaticly give him that.
        But his lack of class shows through real fast.
        I respect the Office of the President.
        But leadership via threat, lies and insults deserves only comtempt for the office holder.

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