What we know and don’t know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s strengths:

  1. Building
  2. Negotiating
  3. Self-promotion

Donald Trump’s weaknesses:

  1. Exaggeration
  2. Relations with women

Donald Trump lies almost all the time. We know this if we fact check what he says. We also know that he is a successful self-promoter from the fact that he was elected President. Lying almost all the time and self-promotion are two sides of the same coin; Trump succeeds at this because he has had a lifetime of practice.

Trump has also a long history of predatory behavior toward women. Several women have come forward with their stories and Trump also brags about his behavior.

That leaves building and negotiating as Trump strengths that we cannot evaluate at this time. They may truly be strengths or they may be exaggerated. We do not know, but Trump exaggerates about other things so he may be exaggerating about his building and negotiating skills.