The Gunning of America

The Gunning of America, Business and the Making of American Gun Culture by Pamela Haag. America was not in love with the gun for most of our history. Most Americans did not need a gun and refused to purchase one. American gun manufacturers needed markets between wars and found a market in Europe in the 1800s and early 1900s. Between wars, gun makers turned to advertising and giveaways to spur demand. America’s present love affair with guns is the result of that advertising.

Taking the profit out of gun manufacturing may be the only and best way to reduce gun violence in the US. I suggest nationalizing the US gun industry to eliminate the profit motive. National and state armories could be the sites of gun manufacture and storage until the weapons are needed for national defense or by state militias. After all, the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms by well-regulated militias.