Faceless bureaucrats

The Republicans rail against faceless bureaucrats in government. What about faceless bureaucrats in big business? Faceless bureaucrats in insurance companies who decide who lives and who dies (Sarah Palin’s death panels)? Faceless bureaucrats in energy companies who decide how much risk to allow when drilling for oil or mining coal? Faceless bureaucrats in the media who decide what is news and what is not?

Republicans claim that private enterprise is always more efficient than government in providing goods and services, but that can only be true if there is competition. In many industries today, bigness rules and there is insufficient competition to ensure that customers are well and cost effectively served.

The primary differences between government and private enterprise today are as follows: government pays its workers better and they enjoy better benefits than are prevalent in private enterprise. Government workers are there to serve while private workers are there to maximize profits. Lastly there are no highly paid CEOs in government as there are in private enterprise. Overall, I think that government does a better job of serving us than does private enterprise.