War with China

There are numerous dangers with a war with China, including the end of the human race if nukes are used. In the meantime during the war, look for empty shelves at Walmart for the war’s duration.


4 thoughts on “War with China

  1. All over the world, actually. I bought a few souvenirs in Europe, like the Delft blues….. they are all Made in China. Japan, too. My Mom bought a rice cooker that she thought was made in Japan . ( Japanese calligraphy and characters are written on the box ) It’s made in China, too. And believe it or not , the rosaries and Catholic stuff we bought at the Vatican souvenir shops, they are all made in China.

    • The Chinese will only embargo the US if we are their sole opponent. The rest of the world will continue to source from China or Vietnam or India or Cambodia.

      • Yes, like when the US didn’t want its allies to buy oil from Iran ( or Iraq, I don’t remember which ) but the allies couldn’t go with that. Japan, most especially.

        Oh, and not only the countries you just mentioned…. in fact, most of our clothes come from Bangladesh, Ukraine and a few Latin countries.

        By the way, fyi, you’d notice very few products that are commonly outsourced do not have Made in the Philippines in it. You know why? The country is heavily unionized.

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