Megyn Kelly part 2

I have not had a chance to read her book, Settle for More, yet because the local library has a waiting list (currently I am number eight). I will review the book after I have read it. The book was published eight days ago and I read recently that the far right is panning the book. I went to Amazon to check that out and found 532 reviews, 216 positive and 316 negative. It follows a pattern that I have seen widely used in the political area. Republicans are encouraged to puff or pan a book based on the political opinions expressed. Best sellers are created by bulk purchases which are then distributed at little or no cost to followers of specific policies. If Megyn Kelly has strayed off the FOX News reservation, she may be being punished. I will know more once I read the book.

P. S.I tried to post this on Amazon to warn other readers/writers of reviews that the results were probably stacked, but Amazon would not let me post my warning.