Where the Green Ants Dream

Where the Green Ants Dream is an Australian movie about uranium exploration on aboriginal lands. Green ants are termites. The aboriginals who live on the land are opposed to the exploration and possible mining because the landscape is already scarred by the tailings from previous mining and because the green ants dream the continuing existence of humanity. If the green ants are disturbed, they believe, humanity will disappear. The Aborigines in the movie are treated in much the same way that we treat Native Americans. Witness the confrontation going on now at Standing Rock, North Dakota, over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

For additional information about aboriginal beliefs, I recommend Bruce Chatwin’s book, The Songlines. The purpose of aboriginal walkabouts is to periodically reinforce the existence of the land by walking over it and singing specific songs that bind the land into existence. It is a fascinating book about a totally different culture. Highly recommended.