Rabbit-Proof Fence part 2

After walking 1200 miles to reach home, the girls and their mother hid in the desert for several years and one girl became a mother herself. The girls and her children were later captured and all returned to the camp, from which they again successfully escaped. The forcible separation of children from their parents continued until 1970. The purpose of the camp was to make them white. If their skins were too dark, they were educated to be servants of whites.

Attempting to escape the camp was punished by time in a hotbox where the child was made to sweat out his/her punashment in solitude under a scorching sun. This method of punishment was used in the South of the US in the time of slavery, see Django Unchained movie.

I am exploring a theory of mine, not yet proved, that the US received its racism from our early English settlers and possibly from the Dutch also. I am comparing the US and Australia, both large countries settled by the English with similar histories. Later I intend to examine the histories of other countries settled by England in Africa and Asia. To eliminate racism in the US, we must first identify the source(s).

Please see Rabbit-Proof Fence