The Duping of the American Voter

The Duping of the American Voter, Dishonesty and Deception in Presidential Television Advertising by Robert Spero published in 1980. Dated, but still relevant; things have only gotten worse, much worse.

“When Reeves reflects on using polls to determine how a politician should alter his or her beliefs, he seems to forget that it is a campaign tactic he promoted as much as anyone.

“‘It’s a distortion and twisting of democracy that’s incredible. People are not saying what they think is good for the country. Camille Desmoulins in the French revolution had a wonderful quote:’The mob is in the streets. Tell me where they are going so I can be their leader.’ You haven’t got a democracy when you have that situation. It is true of an enormous percentage [of Congressmen]. It’s true of every politician I’ve ever worked for…Truman and Eisenhower…Javits and Rockefeller…and Lindsay [John Lindsay, former mayor of New York City]. Every single one was exactly the same.’

“Thus began the era of televised political manipulation.”

Sounds like Trump, doesn’t it?