Two-party system

The two-party system of picking presidential candidates has failed. When America wanted Bernie Sanders, the nation elected his opposite, Donald Trump. How did that happen and how can we correct the problem? Instead of including most Americans, the two major parties now represent only Democrats and Republicans and omit independents. A possible solution is to eliminate national conventions and have a single national primary in the summer of election years. All candidates would compete in one primary and the top two finishers would compete in November of that year. This year the election might have featured Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton. A much better choice in a change year election.


2 thoughts on “Two-party system

  1. That’s a good suggestion. California is actually doing that, hence, 2 Democrats had fought for one Senate seat, Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez.

    The problem also in a multiple party system is a candidate can be elected with only a little of 30% of the voting population voting for said candidate. This happened in the Philippines where there were 5 candiddates who ran. A thug, R. Duterte, won…. now 70 % of the population are stuck with this guy for 6 years.

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