The Electoral College

The Electoral College gives too much weight to voters in less populous states. That is also true of the US Senate where less populous states have two votes, equal to the two votes of the most populous states. If we were to abolish the Electoral College, vote fraud in just one city or state could flip a close election. Before we even consider the elimination of the Electoral College, we must make sure that the vote counting process nationwide is tamperproof.


5 thoughts on “The Electoral College

  1. OK. Hillary has approximately 250,000 more votes. Who do you suppose the illegal aliens that voted, voted for? There are millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. Many with the established residences needed to vote.

    And I do not vote along party lines. I voted for Obama twice (I regret that). I did not vote for Trump, I voted for Gary Johnson. However this whole BS that Trump did not win legitimately, is just that, BS. If you do not like the system, change it. But it isn’t that. You wanted the president who was going to give away more “free” stuff….

  2. My parents have always wondered about the Electoral College. Everywhere else, one vote really counts. . It’s not a good system…. proof of this is Al Gore and Hillary winning the popular votes.

    Another thing, in so many countries, Election Day is a holiday.

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