Why Trump lost

Tomorrow, pundits will begin trying to explain why Trump lost. Some will say it was because he wasn’t conservative enough. The truth is that Trump was a deeply flawed candidate and human being.


6 thoughts on “Why Trump lost

      • Because he is a bully. He is a narcissist who has no respect for anyone. He speaks from both sides of his mouth. The only thing he says he’s going to do is build a wall, put Hillary in jail, repeal “Obamacare”. To name a few things. I am afraid of our future, afraid of war on our soil, yes it can happen. He doesn’t know anything about poor people, he has never been one so how can he have our intrest.

      • At least Trump supporters have no reason to use their guns. Trump won because of 8 years of GOP obstruction. We have just suffered the same fate as the people of Chile suffered under Pinochet after the CIA engineered the fall of Allende.

  1. Trump will win in a landslide

    Trump’s rallies were filled with American’s who have had enough of the corrupt Hillary Clinton types

    • There will (hopefully) be a landslide but not for Trump. Hillary is no more corrupt than the rest of Washington crowd. That can be fixed with public financing of elections.

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