Stagecoach, the movie directed by John Ford. It was this movie, released in 1939, that made John Wayne a star. In the movie, several people are traveling through Apache territory to Lordsburg. One of them is a banker trying to escape justice with depositors’ money. During the journey, he bemoans government regulation of banks and says that whatever is good for banks is good for America. Later he says that the country needs a businessman as president. This is in 1939, ten years into the Great Depression, ushered into existence by businessman Herbert Hoover. Sure enough in 1940, the GOP candidate was Wendell Willkie, a businessman defeated by FDR.

The Republican solution for the excesses of unfettered capitalism is usually elect a businessman rather than a politician. That was their solution in 2000 with businessman/politician GW Bush, again in 2012 with Mitt Romney and now in 2016 with Donald Trump who portrays a successful businessman on TV. The Republican solution is always the same and it NEVER works.