JFK the movie directed by Oliver Stone with an all-star cast. The movie accurately and completely documents the JFK assassination with material that I have read in several other sources. Lee Harvey Oswald was not the shooter. We will probably never know who the shooters were, but they are not important. The important information is who ordered the shooting and why. The who is person(s) unknown in the military-industrial complex. The why is because JFK was not sufficiently bellicose on the subjects of Cuba, Vietnam and the Soviet Union.

In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex (MIC). Less than three years later, the MIC struck President Kennedy in a coup d’état and his brother Robert five years later. The CIA and the mob were involved and anti-Castro Cubans may have been involved also. Since that time Presidents must tread warily to preserve their lives. Some of us are disappointed that President Obama has continued the Bush wars. It is possible that he is pursing the most pacific options that are possible considering the CIA and the MIC. I have written in the past for the abolition of the CIA. It is possible that we will never regain control of our democracy while the CIA exists and follows the instructions of the MIC.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, is the MIC’s candidate and they will make sure that she wins. Donald Trump is a loose cannon who favors fewer, larger wars. The purpose of the military-industrial complex is to make huge sums of money through non-stop wars. Trump might defeat that purpose through one or more large wars that destroy the planet. Money is of no use if there is nowhere to spend it.

Please see CIA and FBI