I like Ike

I was born a Republican baby into a Republican family. My first bit of political awakening took place in 1952 when I was in sixth grade. Television was new then and a TV set was brought into the school gym so that students could watch the political conventions as they happened on live TV during the afternoons. I may not have understood what was happening, but I started wearing an I like Ike button. Everyone I knew was for Eisenhower for President.

I wasn’t old enough to vote until 1964. Then I started voting Republican for President every four years until 1992. I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton; I voted against a second term for George HW Bush. Then in 1996 I voted for Bob Dole. It was the last time that I voted Republican and it is unlikely that I will ever vote Republican again. I consider myself a moderate who has evolved toward liberal, progressive positions on the issues. The GOP have moved much too far to the right.