Voter fraud part 2

The Man Who Killed Kennedy, The Case against LBJ by Roger Stone with Mike Colapietro published in 2013. I have known for some time that the 1960 election was stolen for JFK in Illinois and Texas. I witnessed the theft close up in Illinois as a Chicago area resident. Until I started reading this book, I did not know how the Texas election results were falsified. Stone tells how the 1948 election for Senator was stolen for LBJ. I feel certain that similar techniques were used twelve years later to steal the 1960 election for JFK/LBJ.

Voter fraud does not take place while people are voting. It takes place later when the votes are counted. GOP complaints about vote fraud are a smoke screen to mask their efforts to restrict voting rights of minorities. Stalin once said that he didn’t care how people voted, he only cared about the count of votes later.