Angela Y. Davis

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle, Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Y. Davis, published in 2016. I first heard of Angela Davis when I was living in California and she was criticized by then Governor Ronald Reagan. This book is a collection of interviews and speeches by Davis. Read it if you want more information about why Colin Kaepernick refused to salute the flag during the playing of our national anthem. I recommend the book.

Our prisons are a means of controlling people of color and also a source of profit to the prison-industrial complex.

“The global prison-industrial complex is continually expanding as can be seen from the example of G4S*. Thus, one can assume that its profitability is rising. It has come to include not only public and private prisons (and public prisons, which are more privatized than one would think, are increasingly subject to the demands of profit) but also juvenile facilities, military prisons, and interrogation centers. Moreover, the most profitable sector of the private prison business is composed of immigrant detention centers. One can therefore understand why the most repressive anti-immigrant legislation in the United States was drafted by private prison companies as an undisguised attempt to maximize their profits.”

*GS4 operates prisons around the world and is the 2nd or 3rd largest private employer in the world after Walmart.

Please see Colin Kaepernick