Big lie

Where is Candy Crowley when you need her? After pointing out one of Mitt Romney’s lies, she has vanished from the tube. Most of today’s on-air reporters just repeat whatever lies are Donald Trump’s topic of the day. Instead of warning viewers that Trump’s statements are unverified or just plain wrong, viewers are subjected to lie after lie. Eventually some of those lies are accepted as true or possibly true. The technique is known as the big lie and it has proven to be effective propaganda.


2 thoughts on “Big lie

  1. CNN is an expert on this….. and I notice most of the women hosts are guilty of reporting and repeating Trump’s lies over and over. On MSNBC, it’s Andrea Mitchell, ( the worst, actually ) the female hosts in the morning shows like Jansing, and Chris Matthews on Hardball. Yes, the Chris Matthews.

    • Even the Clinton News Network. Andrea Mitchell–I have noticed that the worst reporters are the ones with a first name for their last name, like Chuck Todd.

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