Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next. I have seen all of his films and this one is the most professional of them all. Moore “invades” several countries in Europe and elsewhere looking for good ideas and to claim them for America. Good ideas that he finds include eight weeks vacation in Italy, free higher education in Slovenia, no homework in Finland, humane prisons in Norway, no criminalization of drugs in Portugal, equal treatment of women in Iceland and family planning in Tunisia.

It was not easy to find this movie in Southern Utah. The library does not stock it and theaters here did not show it. In contrast, people are paying good money to see the lies of Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America and the library has a copy of the book. In my desire to see the Moore film, I had to rent it from Amazon.

Moore discovered that most of the good ideas he found practiced abroad were originally American ideas. We have stopped practising them because of Republican opposition. It is doubtful that we will import those ideas because they can now be labelled as examples of European socialism. Some of the ideas would cost money to implement in the US and it would be argued that we can’t afford them. True, but only because we spend so much money on wasteful military spending.