Donald Trump claims that the election will be rigged. He is right, but not in the way he suggests. US presidential elections have been rigged for a long time, perhaps starting before the Civil war, but certainly shortly thereafter. The voters are given a choice between two main candidates who both represent the interests of the 1%. Thus it matters little who is elected.

Occasionally in times of economic stress, a different candidate will be successful. Teddy Roosevelt was re-elected after an assassin’s bullet ended the life of President McKinley. Wilson was elected when the GOP split. The Great Depression elected FDR and the Great Recession elected Barack Obama. Progressives are not nominated or if they are, they are crushed like McGovern in 1972.

Trump was promoted, in part, to draw attention away from Bernie Sanders. Now that Sanders is out of the race, the media are finally fact-checking what Trump says. Trump was happy with the attention when it was favorable and now he is unhappy that it has turned hostile. You can’t have it both ways when the system is rigged.