Sacco and Vanzetti

Boston by Upton Sinclair, the author of The Jungle and numerous other novels of social protest. The trial of anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti was mentioned briefly in my high school American history class, but without detail. I decided to read Sinclair’s two-volume history novel to learn more. I found that at that time white New England was unwilling to give Italian immigrants a fair trial. Today, 95 years later to the day they were convicted by an all-white male jury, it is believed that Sacco may have been guilty while Vanzetti was clearly innocent. The judge in the case, Webster Thayer, was prejudiced against the defendants and did not conduct a fair and impartial trial. He believed that Sacco and Vanzetti should be punished with execution because they advocated socialism, rather than punishing them for the crime of murder with which they were charged.