Less Safe, Less Free

Less Safe, Less Free, Why America is Losing the War on Terror by David Cole and Jules Lobel published in 2007. The authors contend that the Bush administration has restricted our freedoms and instituted illegal methods of fighting the war on terror. The authors maintain that the Bush methods are counterproductive and are causing us to lose the war on terror. In conclusion, the authors state:

“We have sought to show that the best way forward is to favor noncoercive preventive safeguards, to develop multilateral approaches to a decidedly transnational challenge, to address the underlying factors that lead individuals and groups to adopt terrorist tactics in the first place, and, when harsh coercion is necessary, to work within the rule of law, not against it. That route promises prevention without backlash, and offers the possibility that we can win the struggle for hearts and minds that is, in the end, the key to success.”