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Blond Ambition: The Rise and Rise of Boris Johnson by Nigel Cawthorne. Boris Johnson, who is a dual UK and US citizen and former mayor of London, is likely to be the next Prime Minister of a shrinking Great Britain. Compared to Donald Trump, they are nothing alike. They do have similar hair. Johnson’s hair is real and unruly while Trump’s is ruly and unreal. Born deaf which was corrected by surgery when he eight years old, Johnson is an educated man. Author of several books and an enthusiast of history, particularly Roman history. He is funny and Trump is not. He is an admirer of Churchill; Trump admires himself. He recognizes the importance of immigrants while Trump does not.

Johnson once said, “My chances of being PM* are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.”

If Johnson is not elected Prime Minister, the likely successful candidate is Home Secretary Theresa May.

*Prime Minister


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  1. I think Boris is rather incorrectly judged by the media. He’s actually a very bright man and quite personable. I didn’t get on-board with his Leave Campaign but since the result he’s been making positive statements. Not sure how those statements translate pragmatically in real life but I hope he can make something positive out of all this confusion.

    • I think that British politics has become much more interesting. US politics, thanks to Trump, has become a dull series of lies and name calling.

      • I don’t think anyone seriously thought the majority would vote to leave the EU. I don’t usually stay up to watch votes counted, but the referendum result was compulsive viewing. It was history in the making and it’s frightening because the value of sterling has fallen to a thirty year+ low and our political parties seem to be in turmoil. I’m not a consistent Tory voter, but I felt devastated for Cameron. This is definitely not the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

      • Did you know that Cameron and Johnson are distant cousins? Discontent with central institutions is rising in the western world. I think that Greece and others will also leave the EU.

      • There’s been talk of the domino effect before the referendum, it’ll be sad, not to mention chaos, if the EU dismantled after this. There are people desperately clinging to loopholes to keep us in the EU but it’s not going to happen. Cameron is distantly related to the Queen too.

      • They do. Johnson and Cameron were at school together even though they moved in very different social circles at school. I think there are strong core countries in the EU, who will remain but I think sadly there’s no way back for the UK and it is democratically wrong for Scotland to be forced to leave when the majority voted to stay so I think we’re heading for a great British break up.

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