Doomed to Succeed

Doomed to Succeed, The U.S.-Israel Relationship from Truman to Obama by Dennis Ross published in 2015. If you listen to Donald Trump, and it is hard not to since he seems to be on every channel 24/7, he accuses Hillary of Barack Obama’s foreign policy and having no accomplishments at the same time. This is what Dennis Ross has to say about his time in the State Department and the White House:

“I expected the State Department to be the locus of conceptualization and implementation in foreign policy–and Clinton’s weight would ensure that.

“That turned out to be wrong. This is not a reflection on Hillary Clinton; her talent and capabilities were clear from day one. But the Obama administration from the onset was White House centered and driven. President Obama was the decision maker, and everything–not just the financial crisis–was going to run through him. Whereas during the Bush 43 administration, the United States could go to war in Iraq without ever having debated the pros and cons, in the Obama administration, every issue would be vetted in a process–and that process would be directed out of the White House.”