Trump in one word

Describe Donald Trump in one word.


Describe Donald Trump in two words.

Vile, ignorant

Describe Donald Trump in three words.

Vile, ignorant, narcissistic

Describe Donald Trump in five words.

Vile, ignorant, narcissistic, and thin-skinned

Describe Donald Trump in six words.

Vile, ignorant, narcissistic, and thin-skinned liar.

*Synonyms for vile:

foul, nasty, unpleasant, bad, disagreeable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, abominable, atrocious, offensive, obnoxious, odious, unsavory, repulsive, disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, hateful, nauseating, sickening,disgraceful, appalling, shocking, sorry, shabby, shameful, dishonorable, execrable, heinous, abhorrent, deplorable, monstrous, wicked, evil, iniquitous, nefarious, depraved, debased,contemptible, despicable, reprehensible;