Trump U-gate

Last night, I watched the movie Houseboat starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren again for the first time since it was originally released in 1958. Early in the movie, Grant takes his family to a concert at the Watergate. Probably the first time I heard of Watergate when I was 17 then and did not know the role it would play 10+ years later when Nixon was first elected. 1958 was the depths of the Eisenhower recession that would help defeat Nixon the first time and elect JFK in 1960. In the movie, Loren quarrels with her father who is the orchestra conductor. She wants to stay in America and he forbids it, saying he will give her no money and she cannot earn her own way, knowing nothing. Loren responds that she will run for Congress. In the low opinion of Congress, nothing has changed in 58 years.

Watergate was a small crime that led to Nixon’s downfall. The Trump U case is a relatively small swindle that probably will lead to Trump’s downfall. Bill O’Reilly recently said that the case is of no importance. Since he is almost always wrong about everything, the Trump U case IS important. If he is smart, Trump will recuse himself from this year’s election. If not and he is elected, he may be forced to follow Nixon’s example and later resign.