A modest proposal part 2

I have proposed reducing the retirement age to 55. If we do that and the US continues waging wars around the globe, I suggest a universal draft at age 60 to supplement our current all-volunteer military. It is not fair that only a few of our young serve multiple tours of duty in war zones. If our elderly can retire at age 55 and enjoy 5 years of retirement, there is no reason that they cannot serve their country at the sunset of their lives. I suggest a universal draft at age 60, exempting only the President and the Vice President and members of the Supreme Court. If members of Congress are drafted, their seats are immediately vacated and filled by special election.

Of course, the physical requirements for draftees would be relaxed from that of young volunteers. However, some combat would be within the capabilities of the draftees and they could also fill most support positions, rather than outsourcing support to Halliburton and others as is the present course. Draftees would already be receiving Social Security and would therefore receive only a small combat stipend. Injured draftees would need medical care for shorter periods of time. The young should be allowed to live their lives normally, have children and grand-children before facing the possibility of serving their country.