Ann Coulter part 3

Comparing Ann Coulter to President Obama. She is 4 months younger and one inch shorter. Both are lawyers. She has written 9 more books than the President has. She considered running for political office, but decided not to.


4 thoughts on “Ann Coulter part 3

  1. I’ve had the displeasure of meeting ms coulter. Amazingly enough a fan of the grateful dead…but an arrogant and entitled person. Sipping wine and derriding the bulk of the fans. (and while I didn’t get to meet them….friends did… Al Gore and his wife were also fans- and that meeting was apparently truly pleseant. (and of course Bill Walton… arguably the tallesest Deadhead- always a pleasure to see even if he was blocking your view of the stage).

    Anyway- never forgot Coulter. Such an enigma… a fan of something that so embodied everything she loathes. And yet there she was- creating her own twisted reality in the midst of it all…

    • We all have our pluses and minuses. Please see my post The real Donald Trump. Even right-winger George Will is an avid CUB fan, as I am. Thanks for your thoughts.

      • Ha. Makes me think of a line from the pulitzer prize winning political cartoonist/commentor David Horsey, “George Will, one of the last lions of the right wing whose conservatism is a philosophy rather than a pathology”. Of course- having read Will for 30+ years…I’d personally say he has gone over the edge in the past few years. But for a long time he was a conservative I would love to have a drink and discussion with.

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