Bernie 1My final, promised article before the New York primaries on April 19.

I have already written so much about this subject that I almost didn’t have to write anymore. But I am, because of a few, critically important developments.

One, last night’s debate here in Brooklyn, which I watched. Two, the rally in Washington Park the night before, which I attended. And three, the New York primaries on this Tuesday, where I will vote.

For years, I have written and taught about America’s income inequality, where the situation is that 0.1 percent of America’s rich now control 90% of the total wealth of the country. I now know, for sure, that Hillary and Bill Clinton promoted, perpetuated, and participated in that obnoxiously pro-1% system.

Hillary Clinton continuously took enormous amount of money from Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and other such evil corporations, and she would not release the transcripts of her…

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