Effects of climate change

Is climate change affected by the actions of man and woman? Yes, but that is not the most important point. Oceans will rise and cause mass migrations and wars, but that is still not the most important point. These are the important points.

Weather is caused by the interactions of two oceans, one of water and one of air. Put more energy into the ocean and you produce more (stronger) weather.

The oceans of the world are gradually becoming more acidic. That will affect small life forms in the food chain, reducing our food supply and reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, the air we breathe.

And changing weather patterns will move the fertile, well-watered lands from one place to another. Where we grow our food now may not be where food will grow in the future. Areas of the Sahara Desert that are now desert were once fertile, food growing areas. Over time, desertification may occur where now we grow our food.