Trump’s agenda

What is Donald Trump’s agenda? Here are some of the possibilities. Trump is trying to get attention. Trump brands all his properties with his name so that he can charge more. Running for president is free advertising.

Trump is trying to destroy the Republican Party. Trump wants to elect a Democrat. Trump wants to join George Soros among the billionaires that other billionaires love to hate.

That he has an agenda is obvious. That he thinks he is qualified to be president is probably untrue. That he is doing the work of the 1% by splitting the 99% into warring factions is true. What is his true purpose is a mystery to me at this time. Perhaps he will level with us in his next book.


3 thoughts on “Trump’s agenda

  1. I like your taste in humour, I must admit. ‘splitting the 99% into warring factions is true’ and I also believe he is creating more room for like-minded bigots with toxic speech to freely poison the feeble-minded.

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