“Revolution Incorporated”: How Clinton Can Bring Sanders Supporters Into The Fold


With the Republican presidential race careening toward a fractious convention in Cleveland and Donald Trump warning of riots, the coming Democratic convention has garnered little comment. But don’t expect Philadelphia to be all brotherly love. Reconciling Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and their respective camps, will take some work.

Yes, modern party conventions have been turned into slickly packaged made-for-TV unity fests: Carefully vetted speakers deliver carefully crafted messages, while any disagreements are settled off-camera. And yes, Barack Obama and Clinton made amends after a bitter primary season eight years ago. But there’s far more ideological conflict between this year’s candidates than between Clinton and Obama in 2008.

The most likely scenario at this point is that Clinton will be the nominee but Sanders will arrive in Philadelphia with a formidable number of delegates. In that case, the closest parallel is when Michael Dukakis overcame Jesse Jackson’s insurgent movement…

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3 thoughts on ““Revolution Incorporated”: How Clinton Can Bring Sanders Supporters Into The Fold

  1. You are assuming that Hillary will be the nominee. But you may be wrong. The question is, if Bernie Sanders gets a higher number of delegates, would Hillary, Bill and the corporate DNC machinery and their media support him?

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