How to make America great again

Crippled America, How to Make America Great Again by Donald J. Trump. A small book, 6 by 8.5 inches and 190 pages, written by small hands and designed to be held by small hands. It reminded be of the gag books with all blank pages entitled what men know about women. Little or no content whatsoever beside Trump bragging about his developer skills and how much money he has made. If Trump were to win the election and become President, it is hard to see how he would have time for the duties of President; he is so busy making money. He probably would use the air rights above the White House to build another Trump tower, perhaps Trump Tower at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, although he denies that is his intention.

I do not recommend this book. It is a waste of both time and money. The book has a 5 star rating on Amazon of 78%. How is that possible? Only if the reviewers have not read it.