Get the lead out

Lives Per Gallon, The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction by Terry Tamminen. Since we have eliminated lead from gasoline, lead in the environment has decreased and the crime rate has fallen. The connection, fewer children growing up with lead-caused disabilities. However, lead in the environment is still a problem, witness the crisis in Flint, Michigan, in the drinking water. Other persistent problems continue to exist; one such problem is the lead in jet fuel. Jet fuel could be made safer, but the airlines resist the cost of engine modifications.


3 thoughts on “Get the lead out

  1. To be clear- jets and turbine powered planes DO NOT use fuel that contains lead. Only “avgas” contains lead – which is used in small piston engined planes. It is “finally” supposed to be phased out in 2018.

    And I’ll add- I’ve been very pleaseantly surprised at the money both airlines and manufacturers have been putting into testing of bio-fuels (no small cost due to both government regulations and insurance/lawsuit concerns when one considers what could happen if a bio-fuel causes problems in a passenger jet). And it is increasingly being used- albeit more on smaller jets doing regional flights.

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