Carly Fiorina, failure

Carly Fiorina had a Horatio Alger type rise in the business world, culminating as CEO of HP (Hewlett-Packard). There she faltered and was given a golden parachute to cushion her fall from grace. Her current estimated personal net wealth is about $65 million, small potatoes compared to Donald Trump and Mitt Romney. She wrote about her career in a book entitled Tough Choices: A Memoir. I recommend the book because it is well written and makes for fascinating reading.

Carly succeeded until she reached the top spot and then she failed. Under her watch, HP acquired Compaq Computer and then realized that there was little or no profit in personal computers. My first laptop was a Compaq computer. When it came time to buy a new laptop, I relied on HP’s sterling reputation to purchase a HP laptop which failed after 18 months. I had paid a premium price of $1400.00 and when I took it to a local computer repair shop, I was told that that model had issues and HP continued to sell it even though they were aware of the problem. I was told to discard the HP unit and buy a different brand. I decided on a $400.00 laptop imported from Japan.

The HP model I purchased was probably brought to market before Fiorina was CEO of HP. However, I do blame her for continuing the sale of a defective product that cost me $1400.00 for only 18 months of service. Shortly thereafter Carly retired from HP with a handsome settlement. A few years later in 2010 with no political experience whatsoever, she ran for the US Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer in California. Even in the TEA Party year of GOP gains in an off-year election, she lost. She  can scarcely expect to carry her home state of California in 2016 when it will be a Democratic year.

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