Google Earth, street view

United States

United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a young, unmarried man, I drove around the USA extensively on holiday to see the USA, but not in a Chevrolet. My first car was a Corvair that I quickly replaced with a Buick. Now it is possible on Google Earth to drive the streets of the US and most of Europe at ground level at about 15 miles per hour, riding along with the Google truck photographing most of our streets and highways. In fact using a more portable version of its hardware, Google is now photographing many trails within our national parks. Soon it will be possible to remotely go almost anywhere one wants to go without leaving home.

To use Google Earth to explore our world,  zoom down to street level or drag the small human figure from the upper right side of the screen to any dark blue line on your monitor. Street view will appear and can be navigated using the lower of two compass roses and by following the computer generated white or yellow lines on the pavement. To return to an overhead view, just click the button labelled “Exit Street View.”