The “new” Mitt Romney

Is there are a “new” Mitt Romney? The recent film entitled Mitt would lead you to think so. However, there are some things that money won’t buy and a “new” Mitt Romney is one of them. If the Republican Party is desperate enough to consider nominating him again in 2016, there are three changes he must make to garner more votes than in 2012. He must run a fact-based campaign; he must disclose his taxes prior to 2010 and he must divorce Ann. In my opinion, she is not qualified to represent the US as First Lady.

During the 2012 campaign, I was accused of character assassination by one of Mitt’s supporters when I wrote about Mitt. My response was that character assassination is not possible if a candidate is without character. Before the election, I read a biography of Mitt’s father, George Romney, by Clark R. Mollenhoff. It was my intention to compare the two men side-by-side, listing their pluses and minuses. That article was never written because the two were totally different except for their Mormon faith. George Romney had several admirable characteristics while Mitt shared none of them. It was not possible to write anything more. It would have been a very short article.

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