Heartless Republicans

Those heartless Republicans, the leaders and the TEA Party members, are prolonging the Great Recession to punish Americans for re-electing President Obama. They intend to keep up the pressure until we capitulate and elect a Republican to the White House. To increase the pressure, they plan to cut food stamps and terminate unemployment benefits to nearly two million of the long-term unemployed. That is the their primary purpose.

A secondary purpose is to reduce the numbers of poor who can vote. When it is a choice between eating and voting, most people will choose to spend their limited resources on food, not the political process. Being able to register to vote requires a birth certificate in many cases and those cost money as I found out when I tried to renew my Utah driver’s license. My hospital-issued birth certificate issued in 1941 was not acceptable and I paid $40 for an acceptable copy over the internet.

If people lose their homes and thereby their permanent addresses, that too will make registering to vote more difficult. Cutting the safety net is a win-win proposition for the GOP. Less money spent on the poor and the poor casting fewer votes, presumably for politicians who promise to help them. It’s the GOP’s way of striking back at Mitt’s 47%.