“Let’s Work The Problem People”: Houston, We’ve Had A Health Care Problem For A Long Time


One of my favorite scenes in a movie is Ed Harris playing NASA ace Gene Kranz at mission control when Apollo 13 was about to burn up. He walks into a room full of engineers and scientists responsible for the mission as they are arguing and screaming at one another. He slams his fist down, quiets the crowd and says, “Let’s work the problem, people.”

That is how I feel about the launch of Obamacare. Fix it. Solve it. Make it work.

The other famous quote from that movie was Tom Hanks as Commander Jim Lovell when he said, “Houston, we have a problem.” The actual quote from Lovell was, “Houston we’ve had a problem.” Now that seems more appropriate for the herculean task of solving America’s health care problems.

We’ve had a problem, all right, for generations. We’ve failed to tackle the critical issue of health care in our…

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