Immigration reform

Scottish American

Scottish American (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We lure people from south of the border to work here at jobs Americans don’t want to, at wages that Americans won’t accept and then we treat them poorly. The undocumented risk death to get here and they are mistreated by some of their employers and by some police departments. They pay payroll taxes for which they do not receive benefits and their children are maligned in the media. It is a sorry chapter in our history and it is time to close that chapter. Instead of admitting them to American society, some want to create a new class of citizens, who are here legally but can’t vote. Enough. It is difficult enough and expensive enough to become an American citizen if you are here legally. Let us not make it even more difficult for those who are here without proper documentation. The sooner we admit those people to American life, the sooner they can become productive members of society and the sooner we can move on to solving other problems.

Please see Joe Arpaio