Death of the TEA Party

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An earlier version of the TEA Party, the American Liberty League, was born in 1934 to contest FDR’s agenda. It was crushed in the election of 1936, and died a quiet death in 1940. The TEA Party was born in 2009 to contest Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). It reached its peak in 2010 and is in decline now. Hopefully it will be crushed in the election of 2014 and will die a quiet or raucous death in 2015. It cannot happen soon enough for me.

I think that it is ironic that opposition to Obamacare gave birth to the TEA Party and will cause its death. It is ironic because Obamacare will bring life to millions and death to the Astroturf organization created by Koch brother money.

6 thoughts on “Death of the TEA Party

  1. FDR succeeded because he did not let the crisis of the Great Depression go to waste.

    He was able to capture the traumatized American populace because a traumatized populace is open to tyranny.

    Creating perpetual crisis and social unrest is a first principle of leftist political philosophy.

    Today’s Tea Party is different from the Tea Party of yore because it is grass roots.

    It lost in 2012 because President Obama used the IRS to shut them down. That’s what the IRS scandal was all about.

    And the purpose of ObamaCare is not to improve medical care but to institutionalize the IRS scandal, thus shutting down all political opposition to the Democrat Party by criminalizing it.

    ObamaCare also criminalizes freedom of religion by forcing Christians to support activities that are against their religious teachings.

    The Tea Party is going to explode with raging force from now until its members are thrown in jail because it is going to come to the defense of the 1st Amendment:

    The basis human rights of free speech and freedom of religion.

      • Walthe,

        Simply declaring, “You are wrong,” not an argument.

        Everything in my comment is dead dog fact.

        People who deny the facts are also open to tyranny. That is why controlling the education system is so important for the forces of tyranny.

      • Everything in your post is wrong. I have written more than 3500 posts proving it. Go back to the beginning of my site and read everything that I have written.

      • Walthe310,

        The fatal first principle of postmodern thought is, “I think it, therefore it must be true.”

        You are simply one of 7 billion human beings expressing an opinion.

        Opinions are not facts no matter how many posts you create to convince yourself that they are.

      • Please go back and read your original comment. Strictly your opinions and not based on fact.
        “Creating perpetual crisis and social unrest is a first principle of leftist political philosophy.”
        What do you think the TEA Party GOP are doing in Congress besides creating crisis after crisis?

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