The Revolt of the Conservatives

A picture of a double medal of honor recipient...

A picture of a double medal of honor recipient . (Note that the light blue ribbons (at the top of his ribbon rack) appear almost white in this overexposed photo.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Revolt of the Conservatives, A History of the American Liberty League, 1934-1940 by George Wolfskill. Before the invention of Astroturf, there was an earlier version of the TEA Party with a similar cast of characters, goals and methods and financed by the du Pont family, the Koch brothers of their day. The following is a quotation from the book. The reference to Butler is to Smedley Butler who was the League’s choice to replace FDR in a military coup. In his day, FDR was hated by conservatives as much as President Obama is today.

“Following the November elections and the temporary embarrassment of the Butler episode, the American Liberty League launched the most intense and concentrated campaign to propagate conservative political and economic thought that the United States had ever witnessed. To a philosophy that was at once a combination of Social Darwinism, laissez-faire economics, Old Testament apocalypse, and Constitution and ancestor worship, the Liberty Leaguers now often added a savage hatred of the man who had come to symbolize their torment and frustration.”

The election referred to is November, 1934, and the ancestor worship is of the Founding Fathers. All this sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I recommend this book highly. It is available now at for $11.13 used plus shipping.