Cuba after Castro

The flag of Cuba. Colors are from http://www.n...

The flag of Cuba. Colors are from Esperanto: La flago de Kubo فارسی: پرچم کوبا Français : Le drapeau de Cuba Kreyòl ayisyen : Drapo Kiba Italiano: La bandiera di Cuba Nederlands: De vlag van Cuba Русский: Флаг Кубы Slovenščina: Državna zastava Kube العربية: علم كوبا (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the Castro brothers are gone from Cuba, will Cuba throw off communism and embrace capitalism? And if they do, will they at some future date want to become an US state? After all, the US and Cuba have a relationship going back to 1898 when we liberated Cuba from Spain. In the following years we ruled Cuba on and off for many years as Cuba is the country in the world that the US has invaded more often than any other. Cuba has embraced our national sport, baseball, and Cuban drivers drive American cars. Just think about the market there for new American cars once the embargo is lifted. The Cuban community in South Florida would love to see Cuba more closely connected to the US. There is one possible problem to overcome; what shall we do with the prison at Guantanamo?